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Will this torture ever end?? For 19 years they made us wait! 19 years! They're making the wait so long we started to wonder if Harrison Ford would even be able to lift his whip for the new Indiana Jones, let alone punch some dude in the face and escape with the treasure.

But here is Ironman, poised to make the wait a little more bearable. Despite the fact that superhero movies tend to suck like there's no tomorrow I had a good feeling about this one. There are no fantastic 4 in sight and no dumdass mutant story lines to screw stuff up. Just a man, in an iron suit, dog fighting with fighter planes and kicking the crap out of giant robots and terrorists. Impossible to screw up, right?

And despite what you might expect from such a setting of the stage for the rest of this article, they didn't screw it up. Despite the very standard, compulsory origin story (practically no violence for the first 45 minutes) I found the main character interesting right from the start. He wasn't annoying like Toby Maguire in Spiderman or overly depressing like Christian bale in Batman Begins. Robert Downey Jr makes for a very cool and funny Tony Stark and he might be my favorite superhero thus far.  Finally, a hero with a sense of humor.. its a goddamn relief. It really is.

Ok, nobody cares, I know. Sometimes I get carried away in my love for good characters. Is there some good violence in it?

Gods, yes. As soon as the first terrorists get their asses kicked by Tony Stark the whole thing becomes a rollercoaster of coolness. From a dogfight with fighter planes to the test scenes with the new suit, its all sub zero cool and funny. The awesomeness is self evident. And then, the main villain makes his true appearance and who do we see?

Yes! Its a bald guy with a beard and a slightly elevated eyebrow to maker for additional evilness. Nothing to be scared off. But think again. Perhaps you might recognize him when he looks like this:

Holy crap! Its Jeff 'The Dude' Bridges! And he's playing a bad guy who gets a giant robotic suit to beat the living crap out of Robert Downey Jr! How can life get any fucking better??

By seeing Indiana Jones. Give us Indiana Jones already Steven Spielberg!


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