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What the hell is going on? Why do 16 year olds insist on making complete fools of themselves every single generation?

First you had idiots in leather jackets, then there was beat music, then there was gabber music (we invented that.Gods, I want to immigrate) and now, after another 10 years we have jumpstyle? Is it genetic? A flaw in our DNA that surfaces every generation around the age of 16 and makes us behave like morons?

I admit its a little less stupid then the Gabber crowds we used to have in the mid nineties but that's not all that hard. Those people were complete and utter imbeciles.

Check this picture:

What the hell is that dipshit in the middle doing? Does he see his future of mediocrity and factory working fast approaching? Or are his teeth falling out because of overuse of those dumb pills that make you move your body during the entire night, even if you are asleep.

Anyway, I don't like jumping. I hate the music, I hate the people and I hate the stupid 'trend' that it seems to be spawning. You know something is becoming a trend if all music channels all of a sudden broadcast special programs dedicated to it. Oh by the way, I hate most music channels.

But luckily, its not the end of the world. History teaches us that these trends tend to pass over again. The 16 year old Jumpers of now are our factory and dock workers of tomorrow and I guess we owe it to them to allow their few years of madness.

However, what we should definitely not allow are idiot DJ's raping our songs of old. I hold my breath each time some asshole makes a cover of a classic rock song but these Jumpers even take it one step further, by covering our national anthem, affectionately called the 'wilhelmus' after our founding father.

Not that I care about that song, but  the sheer stupidity it emits just terrifies me. They take a poorly animated orange lion, some bass drums and a raped version of the tune and you have song. I may be getting old, but FUCKING HELL, you can't tell me that's music! They don't even seem to be trying anymore! Are we truly this far down the road?? Might as well hit two bricks together and call it music!

Count to 10.......

Now, I wanted to finish this little rant with a picture of a couple of jumpers to emphasize how silly it is, but for some reason I can't find decent pictures of them. I have to go with what I find and this is the 6th hit on google picture. Numbers 1 to 5 were logo's...

Jezus Nutcracker Christ. I rest my case.


Jumsptyle sucks!



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