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Stealth soldiers part 2

For some reason the whole stealth soldiers joke has kept running through my head. Sure, the whole blurry pictures thing was somewhat odd and I still don't trust that military lady I called for information on the thing but surely, I had been exaggerating somewhat?

(For those not aware of the Stealth soldier affair, read this)

Anyway, I decided that a Sunday would be a great moment to go deeper to the bottom of things and perhaps get some clearance. Are stealth soldiers real or not? And the best place to find that out was the Royal Dutch Military Academy where the suspected Stealth soldier Robert spent... a week or so.

Apparently he was far more advanced then any other cadet in his class as they told him to get packing after only that short a time. Suspicious, don't you think? Why only keep him there for a week and let him go only to go blur up my pictures in Uden?

I remembered him saying once that you can easily get in if you know the name of one of the officers. With hindsight, it would have been better to ask him in advance what that name was again but as it went, I had to send him a text message asking for it when I was already approaching the guard, armed only with a telephone camera and a bottle of whiskey (we all need to get courage from somewhere...)

Luckily Robert replied in time saying this:

Kapitein Oudmeyer. zoiets iig

The 'zoiets iig' part roughly translates as 'I have no idea' so I was feeling less then confident on meeting that guard.

True to form, the guard eyed me somewhat suspiciously and even called in to someone. However, he then gave me directions to get to the office of the officers.

Robert had been right, it was easy. On the short walk inside I figured there was time for a little remembrance picture.

Seeing it now, it sucks. Like most of what followed next. Obviously I hadn't planned on ever meeting that captain. In fact, my whole plan had been lacking intelligence thus far so I figured some solution would present itself. I just had one thought. Get to that office and try to force a confession from the first officer I saw.

Whilst regretting every drop of whiskey I had drunk so far and cursing the Kebab dish I had consumed in Breda before even coming here I slowly made my way towards the offices, which turned out to be a castle of sorts.

The creepiest thing was that I saw very few people around, save the occasion soldier. Where they indeed training stealth soldiers here and couldn't I see them?

I decided the best course of action was to hide in the bushes so I could better observe the movements of the visible, and invisible personnel at this place but things went wrong right there.

I think there were 6 of them, maybe more. They grabbed me, asked me a few questions I didn't fully understand (the alcohol may have had something to do with that) and threw me out on some grassy ditch.

As I noticed how poorly maintained the grass was outside the gate I figured my plan (as such...) had gone slightly awry and called it a day.

Seriously, does that look like military maintained grass to you? It sucks! Hire a gardener, you pencil pushing bastards!

Now, I'm giving up on the chase of stealth soldiers. The people you meet are just to aggressive and there is hardly any public interest other then in knowing how much I've hurt myself.

This time, the hurt was considerable... I may need to be playing WoW for a few days in recuperation.


Stealth soldiers suck!


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