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Karma sucks!

Yes, karma sucks. I've been trying this 'do good to others and they'll do good to you" for 5 years now and its never ever given me anything except a bag of broken goddamn mushroom ceramics and a bad mood.

For those of you who were present at my moment where I found those broken ceramic mushrooms, you didn't just witness a moment of severe annoyance, you witnessed a lot more. I have made quite a few of promises to myself following this moment of karma. Karma will rule my universe, just not in the way you'd think.

Here's my promises of Karma for 2008:

* I'll never ever play a poker game whilst sober ever again.

* As soon as I find those 25 euro cents I'm gluing them to the pavement! Glue!! ING!!

* I need to remind everyone that getting a job that could get you shot is a bad idea. Especially Joep who is about to get a job that could get him shot in Afghanistan. If anyone is going to shoot Joep, its gonna be me!

* I'm gonna get a job closer to home. Driving 2 hours a day to a job sucks ass and no matter how much I rationalize it, it won't suck any less.

* I'm gonna watch Comedy central a whole lot more since it got me through these couple of goddamn sentences.

*I'm never ever gonna write a sorry excuse for an article ever again when drunk. Never.


Karma sucks!!!


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