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Leave of absence

Yet another beer filled weekend is fastly approaching. To escape the horrors of the so-called 'carnival' we have here in Brabant I'm using my special escape pod to rocket myself to safety in another country. So long, suckers!

Something like the escape pod on my roof. Mine is obviously better, with a cool red stripe down the middle and a mini bar inside. 

I plan to make fun of all the people I meet when I'm there and as I'm going to Belgium that won't be hard to achieve. I only need to remember them about the time that they were owned by the FRENCH!! and all arguments will be settled. I'm counting on their natural stupidity to forget that we were also once owned by the French and not bring it up in any conversation (which is pretty likely to turn into a fight anyway)

Its not much of a counter argument to say that the French once owned Holland anyway. After all, even big parts of America were once owned by France. It just shows the righteous disinterest napoleon showed in the barbaric peasants of the new world that he sold them Louisiana. Who the hell wants to live in Louisiana? I bet they're still using diesel power computers the size of elephants and drive around in peasant-drawn carts whilst discussing the dreadful turn the civil war is taking.

I digress. The only point I'm really trying to make is, I'm gonna get stone drunk for two days in a row without the need to dress up like an idiot!


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