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Utter Mystification

Its not often that I'm completely mystified by something but last day I found just such an occasion. It was the packaging of a pre-painted Sherman tank I bought for my World War 2 game. I don't understand the slightest bit of it. Its a complete mystery.

So, if you do understand what the hell is meant by this incoherent pile of jibberish, I'd gladly hear of it. Better yet, send a full translation. That would be awesome.

Good luck!


M4 Middle Tank

Two war inside, empress period, the tank of M4 developped the important function on the versa method west fascist battlefield. In European battlefields lastly, although the tank of M4 at with heavy type in virtuous soldier tank contest, have some to lack the ability to do it of the quantity is many, can repair the quality with the deal. In pacific Ocean group of islands fought war, the American solider's the tank of M4 then did the situation, Japan's Imperial Army of 97 tank root is not it of opponent.



Literal Translations from Japanese really suck!



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