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Its not that hard to remember!

So, apparently some people have trouble remembering what the hell this site is called. When I talk to people about it, they tend to come back a day later and ask 'what was the name again?"

Come on, its one word you need to remember. I've been the number one hit for 'sucksornot' on google almost from day 1. Its not that common a word. If you can't remember that the address is .info instead of .com or anything else that's more common then you have serious memory issues you need to resolve. Don't bother me with your damn cognitive inferiorities!

I wanted a .com address. In fact I wanted to call it sucksorrules.com Surprisingly that was taken. As were sucksorrocks.com (which became available again shortly after I extended my rent on this domain for 2 years. God mocks me), sucksorfucks.com, sucks.com, rules.com, rocks.com and dropdeadyoufuckinghippiebastards.com. Ok, I made that last one up but fact is, you may find that most cool .com addresses are taken. Usually by big companies who just buy sites in order to sell them for more money.

But none of that bothers me. I just wanted to call it sucksornot.com. That would have been nice and easy for people to remember. No one would have bothered me because they don't understand that there are other fuckin extensions then .com! And now they do. With e-mails and in person. Its driving me crazy!

You bastards wanna see why its not called sucksornot.com? You want to see?

Then watch!

That's what sucksornot.com looks like right now! Some bastard bought it and placed a random female picture with a goddamn search bar at the bottom. That's it. Nothing more to see there. Its a goddamn uninteresting piece of crap website right at the space where I wanted mine.

And just what the hell is that woman smiling about? Its a site about nothing! It has no meaning whatsoever. Its meaningless. Meaningless! No links to whatever. No text, no more pictures, not a single clue as to the damn purpose of this website. Who? Why? What? How? When? Why? Why? Why? Whyyyyyyyy???!!!

Ok, I have said enough. Just so you get just how meaningless sucksornot.com is here are the top 5 links you get when you type 'meaningless' in google:






Honest. No need to check.


Sucksornot.com sucks!


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