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I haven't checked my mail in 2 years.:



Giant octopus and mega shark

Well crap. It looks like I have to wait another 2 weeks for Terminator Salvation and I'm surrounded by all sorts of Zach Efron imitating crap invading my movie theater.

So praise the Emperor when I come across something like this:


Ah yes, I never thought to see Lorenzo lamas in anything else but 'Renegade' either. Frankly, I was hoping I wouldn't. But here he is, battling giant octopus and mega shark. A mega shark who can jump up at passenger jets. And an octopus big enough to envelop a drilling platform. Sure, why the hell not?

There aren't nearly enough movies like this coming out. I enjoy movies with good plots, thought out characters and good cinematography but not nearly as much as I enjoy giant sharks killing passenger jets. Now that's something I'd buy a ticket for.


Giant octopus and mega shark will rule!

(not out yet here in slow poke Holland)


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