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Welcome back, commander

I suppose today was a pretty good day. I managed to make it out of Rotterdam alive, bought a heap of warhammer stuff in the process and was back in in Brabant in time to buy even more warhammer stuff. Life is good.

But the true surprise of this day came later, starting when someone said it was possible to download the Command & Conquer 3 demo, the game that everyone of my gaming generation is eagerly waiting for.

Yes, as you all know there will be a C&C 3. Kane is apparently still not dead (and that head wound he had in part 2 seems to have healed nicely), there's a new alien race and our old favorites of GDI and NOD are back to slugging once again. We wouldn't have it any other way.

However, all that gaming goodness is made even better when I lay eyes on the cinematic trailer. Because who do we see there?


 There are not many actors who can get me absolutely delirious but this man is one of them. He makes all other actors in any movie completely superfluous. Get the hell off the set and let this man do his work!

You may remember Michael Ironside from such adrenaline run films like Total recall and Starship troopers where his job was to say ridiculously cool things and get killed in a variety of brutal ways (Paul Verhoeven seemed to find it funny to make him lose limbs) but that didn't really matter because his text usually was the very coolest in the entire movie:

"Everyone fights, noone quits."

"I doubt anyone here would recognize civic virtue if it reached up and bit you in the ass."

"I need a corporal. You're it until you're dead or till I find somebody better."

Yeah, that's right. Ironside doesn't take shit from anybody and despite the fact that he usually gets killed at some stage in a movie he will always stand as one of the most badass characters in Hollywood.

Command & Conquer 3 just got a whole lot cooler.


Michael Ironside rules!


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