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Afternoon rituals

I've had the music from the two towers trailer on repeat for about 20 minutes now. This is part of my usual preparation rite for work. Listen to whole lot of good music and then have those songs dancing around in my head for the rest of the day, like little demons poking my brain tissues with sharp objects. Those little demons have kept me going for more workdays then I care to remember. Demonic possession is great.

Things to remember when you work the evening shift:

1. Stand up late. No point in getting up early. Try and lay around for at least a while. watch the news or something.

2. Eat until you can eat no more. Eggs are great. Eggs are the reason I get up in the morning. Eggs rule this universe.

3. Listen to good music for an hour or so. It helps.

4. Do not play any games. They'll make you very sorry you have to go. In fact, Don't engage in any challenging  activities. Be as lazy as possible. 

5. Don't drink beer. You're not an alcoholic for crying out loud. Save the boozing for after work.

6. Watch this picture for about 5 seconds:

Does it make you laugh? Then you're ready to go.

Good luck.


The evening shift sucks!



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