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The moustache

I love watching random episodes of the A-team. The storyline is always nice and predictable, the good guys always do their thing and they have some of the coolest actors out there to play the villains.

What I love best are the soldier-villains. These are actors selected over how mean they look, they get 3 or 4 sentences in the entire episode and they really just have a supporting role.

That's fine but every now and then they accidentally cast a soldier-villain who was in serious need of a bigger part.

Take a look at the Moustache man:


Unholy crap, that is one big moustache! It completely dominates the screen and even makes you forget that one of the main characters is in the same shot, doing what he always does. Being cool.

This man had 5 sentences, 2 of which were 'Yes sir' and all he did was look nasty, like he does here. Still he manages to be a memorable character and its all because of the Moustache.

Great actors need no lines, or screen time. A truly great actor makes do with what he has.

This moustache is one such actor.


The moustache rules!


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