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Mr T was actually quite insane

Mr T is back on Dutch TV! First he surprised us all with an awesome Snickers commercial in which he threatened a dude with a tank and then he informed us about his night elf Mohawk. I know for a fact that I wasn't the only one who was glad to see Mr T back on TV because let's face it, we still love that mohawked gold wearing lunatic. Admit it!

For those to young to remember Mr T's awesomeness in full, I suggest you go watch a couple of seasons of the A-team before proceeding. otherwise, you might get wrong ides.

For the rest of us, who remember Mr T all to well, read on. You might well find something you didn't know about your hero from the distant 80's.


The 5 most ridiculous Mr T moments found on YouTube

With appropriate swearing in the title.


5. Damn. He once got all serious and creepy for a Toyota commercial.


Its on 5 because Mr T isn't actually all that ridiculous here but it creeped me out more then the others on this list because it just doesn't feel right. There's an underlying message here that for money, even Mr T can get as lame as the company paying him wants him to be. Brrrrr. Shivers up my spine....


4. Shit! He got stuck in a suit once and forced us all back to work.


Well, this proves it. Mr T is a whore for cash. Why else would he possibly lend his awesomeness to a commercial this fucking lame?


3. Crap! He did his World of Warcraft ad in other languages!


Hearing someone speaking German always gives me the creeps. Hearing Mr T speak German is akin to having forks stuck in my ears by a hermaphrodite midget wearing a tank top. Incomprehensibly wrong.


2. Jezus Christ, he used to have his own cartoon!

I thought this was a fake, but no. He really did have his own cartoon at some point. Damn.....


Did that really need comment? Really?

Didn't think so.


1. Gods in heaven! He once sang a song about treating your mother right!

Run for cover!


This shows Mr T as he really used to be in the 80's. Big, strong and fucking ridiculous. Gods, I can barely watch it for a second without breaking a smile. And then shake my head in disbelief. Its a very weird mix of emotions really.

Still, we will always love you T!


Mr T rules, no matter what he does


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