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I'm in love


The lady in question is a Volkswagen Polo 1.4 3drs with an electrical roof and dice on the locking pins. She's got electrical windows and central locking with a key that goes 'bliep bliep'. I call her Dana.

There's something magical about buying your first car. Its kinda like just receiving your drivers license and taking your dad's car for a drive. It was cool. You felt cool. You knew you were cool. naturally that feeling went away as soon as you scratched your dad's car and started praying to whatever deity is out there that he wouldn't notice but still, it was magical for a moment.

That feeling is now back. I find myself in eager anticipation of the moment I can go pivck it up and give the man who is selling it to me 4000 euro's. That's why saving from your birth is a good idea. You suddenly find you have a lot of money when you get older and money makes happy. Well, it makes me happy at anyway.

So there you have it. I'm eagerly waiting for my car while working and WoW ing. I'm starting to wish the new school year will start so I'l have something else to do. Luckily those feelings go away after sufficient alcohol.

My car will rule!



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