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The great Necron scare

I can safely say that I'm only really afraid of a few things. Necrons rank among them.

I've been playing warhammer 40.000 for a couple of years, gathered armies of space marines, Imperial guard and then even more Imperial guard and in all the time I played against necrons I only managed to beat them once and that was because my opponent was an idiot. All the other times I've been horribly slaughtered in a matter of half an hour. In the last battle I seriously had to fight the urge to hide beneath the table and call in an air strike. (or better yet, a planetary bombardment)

Everyone who knows a bit about warhammer should know this: 3+ save against most weapons, a weapon of their own that ignores my own troops armor saves and every 6 they roll causes a glancing hit on my tanks. When I kill them they also come back on a roll of 4+ and they have the scariest tank in the game.


This Wednesday I'l be playing a huge game against Necrons, aided by two people, one of whom said 'We don't stand a chance' and the other said 'If we die, we die'. The last one happened to work for the US airforce so I figured it must be a motto of theirs...

In any case, I'm doomed. Doomed to fight a hopeless battle for 6 turns (if we're lucky) and die in the most horrible ways imaginable. I hate Necrons. I hate them so very much and I hate the people who designed them. I hate you all!


Necrons suck!


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