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Level 70

I turned level 70 some time ago. Parties were had, beer was drunk and all had a good time.

A few weeks later though and it turned out that World of warcraft becomes World of reputation and Battlegrounds grinding after you turn 70. The magic is quickly dissipating, let me tell you that.

And then I spotted this on the auction house: (note my crappy green armor in comparison)

After you've figured it out you must notice that the purple one was a hell of a lot better then my green one. Unfortunately I didn't have 1200 gold to buy it. So I asked the maker of the item to give me the list of materials and asked him if he could make it when I had all of them. He agreed.

One thing you should know about grinding materials for an item in World of Warcraft. Its boring. Its really really boring. Seriously, I'd rather watch a Jennifer Lopez real life soap for 12 hours then ever grind materials again. You'll understand once you've killed 200 of the same goddamn blue dragons to get 32 goddamn scales. its enough to drive a man insane. INSANE. BAT SHIT INSANE.

Anyway, I did eventually got all the stuff I needed and send a message to the maker of the item. He informed me he was about to quit playing with that particular character and wouldn't be able to get the final ingredient (something I couldn't get for him). My work had been for nothing.


As if that didn't suck quite enough I kept that person in my friends listy for a while and noted that he was in fact a hell of a lot more active then me, which meant he just didn't want to craft the damn thing for me. Ouch. Therefore this seems only reasonable as a small measure of revenge:



Any horde player on Dentarg who can show me proof he killed Psyxakias WILL receive a crate of beer on my expense.  That's a promise.

Oh and I mean in-game. No beer for you if an actual dead person turns up. Duh.


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