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Number 1

So, my site is now number 1 on Google and other search engines for quite a few things. This baffles me completely as I do absolutely nothing to promote this place and my visitor number is stable at some 25 per day, which is good as more use of bandwidth means I have to pay more and that would mean less beer drinking.

So how do I make it to number 1? I have absolutely no idea whatsoever. Its mind blowing. Search engines defy my comprehension. Here's an example:


So, if someone is looking for the original script of Pirates of the Caribbean: at world's end using an Italian computer the first hit you get is my review of that movie?

How?? Why??

No way does a blockbuster movie get that few hits in Italy! No way does my sorry excuse for a website get more hits just because the search query asked for a script! I'm not buying it. Something is wrong here!

Believe it or not, this next example is even weirder:


Yes, the first result you get when using Microsoft Live Search when you type the word 'Aneamia' is my site. I can't possibly comprehend why this would be. Surely there must be plenty of sites that actually are about Aneamia!

I remember my article on Aneamia and it surely isn't very helpful to anyone. Short of mentioning the word 2 dozen times it really wasn't about anything. Anything at all. So sue me, I was drunk.

But maybe the sheer usage of the word aneamia was enough to reach number 1 at Live search. I don't know. Search engines work in strange and  mysterious ways.

And this is amply demonstrated by the last example:

The Ikea breakfast in Holland is a cultural event for trailer trash and cheap eaters province-wide and I wrote an article in Dutch (still there in the Dutch section) a year ago about how much I detest it. Now, a year later it is still one of my top articles as more people are linked to my website by those words then by any other. 

And that completely freaks me out! People find my website when they're actually searching for a breakfast at Ikea?? Not exactly the kind of audience I was looking for.

So, if you came here while actually looking for cheap breakfast, I apologize.


Search engines suck!


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