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A couple of things I find odd in World of warcraft:

1. The military might of stormwind is not as great as I'd thought. There are bands of bandits right outside its gates!

2. The Orcs of Orgrimmar don't seem to care that right outside their gates people get killed by scorpions all the time.

3. Every single canyon or pass is completely infested with monsters, making trade all but impossible.

4. It doesn't matter how many Murlocks you kill, there are always more.

5. Why are some of the boars wearing pants?

6. Why do I need to kill 10 bears before I collect 4 furs? I can clearly see they all have fur!

7. The economy of this world seems to revolve around killing things and taking their stuff.

8. Copper veins litter the land but there are very few actual mines...

9. Murlocks are the dumbest things alive.

10. The favorite method of transport for newbie's remains jumping.

11. How do wolves carry battleaxes?

12. Why are the prizes for alcohol so ridiculously high?

13. All creatures in the world seem to get along just fine. They just hate me.

14. Razormanes are not very compassionate creatures. You can kill a mate right in front of them and they don't care.

15. Sunscale screechers call for help even when they're in an empty barren plain.

16. The Gnomes don't seem particularly grief stricken that they turned half their species into irradiated zombies.

17. High commander Sourfang of the horde spends his days standing on a square, staring at people.

18. Warchief Thrall spends his days in his throneroom, staring at people.

19. Highking Bronzebeard spends his days in his throneroom, staring at people. Getting the point here?

20. Dozens of high level players spend hours just wandering in their capital city. Is this the fate of high level players? To stand around, waiting for something to do?


I'm glad I'm still a newbie.


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