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Harry Potter: The order of the Phoenix

Oh Gods, Harry Potter is back. Once more we get bombarded with pompous, overly complicated storylines that somehow always revolve around a fairly competent wizard with a tendency to get dramatic about EVERYTHING.

Almost the entire first half of the film is devoted to explaining the plot in scenes that get increasingly boring. Harry gets involved in this and in that, sets up a secret club, has to deal with an evil head mistress with kitten decorations in her office whilst all the while having to live with the shadow of lord Voldemort over his head. It would be enough to drive anyone over the edge.

Anyone except Harry Potter of course. We see him enduring a pretty nasty piece of torture and eventually he dukes it out with Voldemort himself, though its a good thing he gets rescued by Dumbledore or there would be no next film.

Frankly, I liked the book better. It had a lot more depth to it and the end battle between Voldemort and Dumbledore sure as hell wasn't so short and Dumbledore kicked a lot more ass then he did in the film.

However, there are good things too. Alan Rickman as Sneep is the greatest bit of casting ever and each time he enters the screen its sheer electricity. Someone give that man an Oscar for creepy acting!

This movie doesn't score big on MI's but mostly due to Voldemort and Sneep it doesn't suck completely either. I count to a grand total of 2 MI's. 



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