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I've been organizing vacations for various groups for years. I do this because of an inescapable truth of the universe, one that rings true every time humanity attempts to do anything. Humans are lazy sons of bitches.

You can say its not true but you'd be wrong. Very wrong. People would very much like to get away with doing nothing if they could. Trying to organize a vacation for a whole group of them is akin to walking a marathon with Margaret Thatcher attached to your legs. All they do is whine about all that is wrong and change beds in the middle of the night and if they can altogether get away with it, pay for the whole damn thing on the very eve of our departure.

You know something is very wrong with your generation if they make the comment. "I really want to go on vacation but I don't want to organize it. Ah well, this chair looks comfortable enough to spend 2 weeks." Ok, I made that last sentence up but the first one is true. How the hell can we expect to get anything done with this type of lazyness?

Luckily, there is hope. I don't consider myself a member of the lazy generation and so, for year after year I've taken it upon myself to organize vacations, bear the brunt of any complaints when something goes wrong and pay for things with my own money while I wait for payment. Hell, I even find time to make up quasi funny newsletters for the groups I organize things for.

In honesty, this year's organization has been good to me indeed, as you can see by this picture I took of the schedule at my room:

By the little marks you can see who has paid for stuff. If you look really carefully you may also notice the littler smiley faces in front of several names. Those are the people I love! They paid in time and  keep the whining to a minimum. Excellent! Huzzah! Beer for these people!

You might also note two names that are still smiley-less. And smiley-less they shall remain until I get my damn money! Do you bastards realize I already paid a bunch of money for the hotel? DO YOU?

Uhm, anyhow, before I seriously lose momentum here lets put a decent stop to it.


Organizing a vacation is hard work! And it sucks!


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