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Paris Hilton


She's out of jail. It was on CNN. It was on every other major news channel in America. Hell, it was on most major news channels on the whole world. When she was put in jail it was bigger news then the G8 summit.

What the hell are we doing? Why are we giving this stupid dumb tramp so much attention and what has she done to deserve it? As far as I can tell she did nothing whatsoever worthwhile. She released some porn tape, she made a poor TV series, played in one movie and released two songs that sounded like crap. Why, oh why are we giving her this level of attention?? It boggles the mind....

I feel I'm giving her to much attention by writing an article that lasts longer then this so I'm quitting. However, I want you to know that sucksornot.info has proudly joined the go away Paris movement.

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Paris Hilton sucks!



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