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Pirates of the Caribbean 3: at Worlds end

Its the first bigass blockbuster of the summer season and everyone had been looking forward to it like crazy. Movie theatres were packed for a whole weekend and I even had to wait 2 days to be able to get a ticket. The marketing boys on Pirates 3 sure had done their job, though I wonder if this movie even needed any PR work. Everybody wanted to see this movie. Everybody. That does raise an important question though.. is it worth the trouble? In short..

Does it rule or does it suck?

Well, Geoffrey Rush is it in. So is Johnny Depp and I suppose that technically Orlando Bloom dies at the end (getting his heart cut out doesn't look healthy) and there was that hugely cool sea battle between the Black pearl and the Flying Dutchman in the giant maelstrom and sure, you had a lot of pirates being stereotypes from start to finish and SURE, there was Keira Knightly being the sexy lady that she is.

But still.....I had the nagging feeling that something was missing when I walked out. Was it the sense that the studios had done everything in their power to turn this in the first summer blockbuster and did the movie show this? Was it the sense that Keith Richards' role in this movie had been exaggerated (he is only in it for a minute or so) or was it the hugely pompous and overly dramatic script with way to many giant holes in it?

I think it may have been the latter. How the hell did captain Barbossa get resurrected? Where did they get that compass? (they bought it doesn't really seem a satisfactory explanation) and why did they first make that sea goddess lady look all mean and pissed off, turned her a 100 feet tall and then make her disappear in a wave of crabs? Did that make any sense to anyone? Also, that British guy seemed to to completely numb at the end, even though he still had the entire armada at his side, he just gave up and got blown to pieces. That didn't seem right to me....

So, it was fun yet disappointing. Great actors, great CGI and good humor but a script that lets you down a bit.

In the end I'm giving it 3 MI's which means its far from a waste of time but surely not the greatest movie ever made.




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