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The poker diaries 2

For weeks on end nobody seems to do anything. They're just content to let time pass them by and wave at all those little moments where they could have geared their asses up for some activity. Then, exactly at the worst possible moment for me, they decide that now is the time. Now is the moment.

They proceed to invite me for a poker tournament after I drunk myself nearly to death for 3 consecutive days on a day where my presence is demanded at one of those atrocious brain numbing events called 'family birthday party'

That means mandatory smiling for 5 hours, modest quantities of beer and perhaps, if I'm really unlucky, watching a family self-made song to honor the birthday boy. I'm gonna wish I was dead.

Not that I have had all that much success in poker these past weeks. I've mentioned it before but I'm on a phenomenal losing streak. At first I blamed the alcohol and my more aggressive style of play it causes but that just seems to judgmental  and harsh now.

Instead I'm gonna blame a person.

Mark has been the bane of my poker existence for the past months with atrocious luck at the exactly right moments and some competence in play.

Last time I ran into a flop with 3-10-K while I was holding a 10 and a king. As I didn't have all that much left I moved all in, thinking to make some easy chips. Mark followed up and revealed he had a pocket pair 3's, obliterating my flop 2 pair. Its that kind of luck that had me running into brick walls for weeks on end. I dunno, maybe I'm not reading people right anymore or maybe I'm focussing to much the pizza after the game and drinking beer during it. Or maybe...I just lost my touch and should start playing another game again.


Joas, I know you may be reading this as I pointed you to this site not long ago. Up for a game of Munchkin? I'm just aching for vengeance on anyone...



Poker still rules, I just suck at it!



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