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Traffic pole

I've met a new nemesis. One that has caused me more annoyance then any other object in creation ever could. Normally I would say its fun to have an enemy but if that enemy is actually capable of damaging your prized possessions then the fun quickly dissipates and makes room for undulated hatred.

The reason for this hatred should be fairly easy to deduce if you have eyes and I suppose you need those in order to read this dribble in the first place so the point is kinda moot. Unless someone is reading this out to you. In that case, have him describe the thing or something. I don't know. Never really dealt with blind people before.

Anyway, when you're parking here and you're moving backwards its ludicrously easy to miss this thing. You're minding the one to the left and BAM, you crash your back end into the other one you didn't see. And all because its half a meter to the right and actually IN the area you're supposed to park in. Madness!

Most infuriating of all is that there seems to be no actual reason for this pole to stand there. Its just a insurance case waiting to happen. Waiting and brooding. Brooding and plotting the downfall of your bumper and other car parts that are nice and vulnerable to a wooden pole jamming its way into its intestines.

This thing is clearly evil and should all be destroyed!


Traffic poles suck!


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