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Quantum of solace

The second bond movie since Daniel Craig took over. They moved the classic start to the end, removed all gadgets and he doesn't say 'Bond, James Bond'.

That's the bad news right there. At some point I was wondering if I was watching a Bond movie or an action movie like any other. What makes it still different? What makes it Bond?

Anyway, lets go to the story first. Its actually the first Bond movie that has a story actually acknowledging the movie that came before. If you haven't seen casino Royale you'l have no clue what's going on. Why the hell is Bond so angry? he seems to be growling at M even worse then in the last movie! As it turns out, Bond is still pissed about his bondgirl from last movie dying on him while he was just ready to go romantic. Pretty much like in 'on your majesty's secret service' but with better acting. He spends the rest of the movie hunting down those he holds responsible, destroying a secret crime syndicate along the way purely because they piss him off. Don't piss this new James Bond off.. He's no sissy like Roger Moore.



"I'm going to murder you next!"



In my opinion Daniel Craig is a good replacement for Pierce Brosnan. He seems very capable of doing what he does, namely murdering people who piss him off and solving a case along the way. Also, he has the creepiest stare I've seen in ages.

Next we get where I started. Is it still a Bond movie? It sure has the action of a decent Bond movie. It also has the clever lines, if not in great quantities. It certainly has the secret villainous crime organisations from the older Bond movies which is pretty great. I hope to see more of Quantum in the next movie, perhaps even a master villain stroking a white cat? Might be a little much to hope for, but still!

The loss of the gadgets wasn't that bad to me. Sure, Bond should have a laser watch or a rocket launching car and that would have been awesome. But somehow I didn't miss it and that, to me at least, means he doesn't really need it. The fact that he didn't introduce himself once bothered me more. We need to know we're watching Bond, James Bond.

So, all in all I liked it but I'm hoping for a bit more Bond, James Bond stuff next time.


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