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In this section you will find pictures that somehow never quite found it to an article. Its sort of my trash can then but some are still fairly amusing, especially if you completely rip them out of context. I'll try and give some explanation but for the most part, I hope they speak for themselves.....



Even teaching has its slow days. I amused myself for an entire hour when a few students told me their books had in fact, two covers. Mutants and witches! Burn them at the stake!

I saw this wall at a museum. Every red stone represents a endangered species and a black stone means its been wiped out somewhere between now and 2004. I think you can see the shocking truth right here.

We're not killing these damn things fast enough! Just one black stone? That's embarrassing to us and our vast industrialized species killing power. We need to do better in the next decade!

Probably the most disturbing toilet I visited recently.

This awaits me every Friday after school. People who know me its best to just serve it immediately before I start shouting for it.

Always wanted to do one of these.



I have no idea what was going on here so if somebody can remind me I'd be grateful.


I went to see the Vengaboys. Despite being the most practiced piece of musical garbage I saw in a long time I enjoyed it. I felt kinda ashamed for enjoying it.


But then I saw the people all around me. Hell, it doesn't matter how stupid your music is. If you can inspire like, 3 or 4 generations to jump like idiots you've done something epic.


I play a game with my mentor class. Arguably the greatest game ever invented. It involves them hitting each other with newspapers and me watching in amusement.


Some of my Zebra minions were given yellow shirts to indicate their minion status. They seemed ok with it.


You will live on in my memories, beer shack.

Beer and German surprise eggs. I've died and gone to heaven.


That is one awesome speed indicator.


"Oh yes"


Just another picture to make fun of either the shortness of my sister or the freakish tallness of some of my friends.

"Sir, the Germans are attacking!"

"Quickly, stack one cannon on top of another carriage!"

"Yes sir! Wait, what?"



And this marked the exam stunt of 2009. 5 dudes sat at the statue in front of the school all night and drunk beer. 

Crazy kid has pancakes.

We are giant block of spaghetti sauce. Lower your shields and surrender your spoons. Resistance is futile.


Well, I finally did it. I played a game of warhammer during an hour of history class and passed it off as actual teaching. The kids loved it. Most of them anyway.

I'm pretty sure one of these people will one day be found on bed with an overdose of drugs. My money is on the left one.


We needed something to do before the show starts. Heaven forbid we talk to each other......


I cooked this for people and they ATE it. Oh, I was also granted college credit for it. I be awesome.


I'm always the idiot who goes to get drinks for everyone. Mainly because I don't think they drink fast enough. Fork over the bloody coins people!


I was driving over this stretch of highway when I encountered a flashing sign saying'SMOG ALERT!! DRIVE SLOWER!'

Seriously, do the authorities of Holland even know what smog is?


I'm a fairly obsessive history teacher and as such I can take hours just gawking over stuff like this. German WW2 tanks just make the American ones look like cheap crap.



The teacher's lounge of my school is a bar. I am finally truly happy.

Last friday it was my bar. Being one of the volunteers who makes sure teachers can get drunk on friday afternoon I wasted no time in personalising it.

Another shot from a different angle because I am so very very happy with it.

The last masterpiece of the unrecognised genius of Geert. He'l probably have to die before it is displayed in a museum.

You don't know rock until you've seen someone standing on his own instrument while playing it.

And it gets better. Letting another bandmember stand on your instrument while playing it! It boggles the mind..



They cut off the peeing porn. Wait, that doesn't sound right.... What I meant was, they cut the TV that provided porn commercials during the peeing. In a bar. Oh never mind.

Not sure what was going on here. We were probably proud of having drunk 6 Flugel in as many minutes. That's not much to be proud of but hey, it was Carnaval.

I found this an inspiring poster. The cheerleaders seem way to drunk to be able to stand and they continue to drink from what seem to be at least 5 liter glasses. Respect!

These students aren't all the only ones here because I have so much room for my classes. All the other computers are broken and I had to find alternative ones....

Murlock helmet! Where is your God now?


My computer is to the shop because its videocard got smashed. That left me for two days with no way of accessing my 20 GB of porn on my external hard drive! Aaargh!!


Again Robbert, here shown with his squad of bodyguards lurking in the background.


Pokernight at my place. Things weren't going well for Roel who has a tendency to make funny faces at such times. Also note Robbert who can only do math when he holds his brain in a horizontal position.


"I'm fumbling with my hands in my trousers. Don't look anything into that!!"   (pokernight)


He doesn't look happy does he? Truth be told he rarely looks happy. Were we trying to imply anything by giving him a can of muscle enhancement pills? Nah, surely not..


Again, Sinterklaas evening. Can you tell who's having fun drinking beer and who's a bit cranky cause he didn't get the present he wanted? Also, note what appears to be a chocolate penis on the table.


Sinterklaas evening 2008. It was great and I got plenty of chocolate letters! Look at me here with my creepy grin holding them up in a distinct KKK. Wait... is that a good idea?





At the introduction camp of this year I was asked to jump of a cliff at 60 meters high using only this blue rope to stay alive. It comes with the job. Apparently...

Frank managed to get knocked out during a party. The amount of whiskey he drank has not yet been calculated but it may have been enough to power a space shuttle.


This Jesus and Maria statue can be found in Utrecht at the museum of religious art. It kinda creeped me out because it doesn't resemble Maria as much as it does death. Death is watching over Jesus. Right. Moving on...


Man hungry. Ding dong. Blabarssylt!

The cars with open roofs will take over the world! Muhahahaha!


I hate it when people beat me in Poker. I hate it even more when they start building walls of the chips they just took from me. I am festering with hate. Hate drives me.


Every time someone rolls a double 1 in Warhammer I cackle maniacally and take a picture. Its part of the charme..


Its a dog in a basket. What the hell do you want from me?


So yeah we managed to build a construction held up by a single can of Pringles. How long it held up, we can't say.


Quite possibly the only picture ever taken of Frank whilst having his eyes closed. Legends tell us that the giants only do this to regain energy right before making another kill. Normally they sleep with their eyes open...

I found this picture on my phone recently. It had obviously been made during a stressfull time. I don't remember anything of the moment though but I assume it had something to do with an uncooperative toilet seat. I do admire the clarity with which this picture has been taken....


The salty sticks got me again. This picture shows an open bag approximately 20 seconds before its contents were devoured by the hungry masses. Salty sticks, we salute you.


An extremely funny mistake (if it was a mistake) by a game store. I'm not even gonna explain it cause any English reader wouldn't really get it... Dutch readers should get a laugh though.



Ah, modern education at its finest. This is the result of a morning scavenging for trash near supermarkets to show to a jury. In their youthful enthusiasm some of my students thought it wise to bring back a toilet. Don't worry, I made them take it home.


There's no way you can fully understand what's going on here. How the hell can I explain something that has to do with insane men, a vacuum cleaner and a cardboard cutout of Emma Watson? E-mail me if you can do it.


I was looking at the back of this bus for nearly an hour while I was stuck in traffic in the city of Eindhoven. While I initially appreciated it it became boring very quickly and after that it became hideous. Looking at a painted man's muscles and a woman apparently trying to get a drink out of a ceiling can become a life changing experience.....

I took this picture at a party. Normally I'd call these fairly hideous toilet decorations but it becomes a bit scary if you consider the party was at a pig farmers house. Pigs are bred for slaughter there and they put them up as decorations? uuuuuuggh..


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