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They made him a Gnome??

I have been obsessing about this for days now... They must have put a Michael Ironside in World of Warcraft somewhere. I only obsess and write about something that freakishly unimportant since my sister has hogged the account we use.

Anyway.. A reference to Michael Ironside was pretty inescapable after I already found references to all the Startrek engineers, Pokemon attributes and even Paris Hilton. Praise be to the gaming gods when I finally found him and he turned out to be a gnome.

A fairly badass gnome to be honest but still.. a Gnome. Yet when you think about it it may be somewhat appropriate. No way would a mere human have been able to contain all the sheer badassness of a Michael Ironside reference so they made him a member of the smallest race in the world. However, you'll find that he is STILL the most badass character on screen, especially when the bugs attack.

Yes, there is a bug attack and Razak here is on the frontline, firing his gnome sized gun and shouting badass stuff like 'you wanna live forever??' So it wasn't bad after all. Huzzah!

Gods, this article is getting more pathetic by the second. Well, no point in reanimating a dead fish so I'll leave you with the Pokemon attribute reference. I bet you never even saw that the portals in Shattrah city look like,



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