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The Renaaaauuult

So, fate forced me to take place in the Renauuult once again.

I hate French cars and everything about them sucks. Their names, their handling, their engines. The indicators, the steering wheel. It all just feels wrong. Wrong on different levels of wrongness!

You know things are a whole new level of wrongness when you're car tells you you're screwed. And that's what it does with this indicator:

That's basically your car telling you,

"You got no gas and you're screwed! No more miles for you! You're not going anywhere sucker! See that little gas pump? That's where you should be!! But you're not, cause you're screwed! BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!"

The worst part is that it after a while it goes flashing, constantly reminding you you need to get fuel. Constantly, burning itself into your brain until you can't take it anymore and rip the whole dashboard to pieces. Goddamn you Renault!

Luckily, I'm apparently not the only one who hates the Renaaauuult. The last car I was forced to drive whilst my German piece of engineering perfection was in the shop looked like this:

Clear decisive proof that the public hates the Renaaauuult just as much as I do.



The Renaaauuult still sucks!!


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