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Resident evil 3

Right. Another zombie movie. Thank God the well of originality in Hollywood has dried up long ago and thank even more gods they're not just churning out one deranged concept movie right after the other. Yes, we have a lot to thank the gods for.

The good news is, resident evil 3 is one hell of a lot more entertaining and awesome then its miserable predecessor and its completely killer-laser obsessed part 1. Thank the complete pantheon of gods that we're actually gonna see more zombie action now.

Its a few years after the events of resident evil 2 and I have completely forgotten what they were. Must have been bad though, as the entire world has gone to shit and zombies have taken over. The badass zombie virus has forced humanity underground or on board of truck convoys who go from one supply stop to another. In the midst of all this, the evil Umbrella corporation is trying to do business as usual, which makes no sense at all. But hey, who cares? Meanwhile Alice, the escaped super human from part 1 is still trying to survive and hooks up with one of the human convoys. She gets hunted by horrible mutant crows, Umbrella and of zourse, zombies!

As far as zombie movie stories goe this isn't half bad. There is careful attention to put enough awesome stuff in there. We have a dusty las vegas, swarms of evil crows, containers of zombies and some very good fighting scenes. All that is good. We're paying to see zombies and shooting and that's what we get. But why on earth are the main villains called the 'umbrella corporation'? What kind of evil name is that? No one is gonna respect you in the evil club with a name like that.. honestly. Luckily, the movie understands this and treats us to a proper, serious supervillain at the end. Yes, that's how you do things.

Resident Evil 3 is a stupid, shallow movie that focusses on loud flashy action and zombie gribblyness. Thank god, I love those...




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