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Its not often that I find myself utterly baffled at the sight of an ingredient for a pizza but recently it happened anyway.

One of the ingredients on my ham-pepperoni pizza simply read 'rocket'. Inquiring with the waiter didn't really help as he started blabbering incoherently about it being 'green and a vegetable. Green vegetable!'

Not caring enough to inquire further and wanting to get back to my beer I left it at that, thinking that I probably wouldn't even notice the stuff anyway.

I was wrong on that account.

The pizza that finally arrived was one under siege. The ham and pepperoni fighting a desperate rearguard action to keep the advancing rocket at bay, pouring hot oil on its face and taking scores of kills through murder holes. Well, that's what it looked like in my mind anyway. The rocket was everywhere, it was completely overwhelming all other ingredients like a weed or a virus. It was green all over.

My attempts at eating the pizza were equally as desperate with the overwhelming rocket assaulting the taste senses with their heavily minted flavor. Make no mistake, it was war. A war between me and the rocket that was overwhelming my pizza.

After a pitched battle of some 15 minutes, the field looked like this:

The rocket, while still present in huge number had finally been beaten back and the ham was no longer in danger of being overwhelmed. The day was ours!

In all honesty the pizza tasted pretty good but the moron who tossed all that green junk on it deserved a good flogging. Which was fortunate since we were in Nottingham, the home of flogging and torturing as the peasant so aptly shows us:

But I digress. The point is, beware of the green menace known as rocket. If you let it, it will overwhelm your pizza with its minty taste and green weedy appearance.



Rocket sucks!


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