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Enemy of man


The world has gone utterly mad. Of this fact I am already convinced.

However, if there are still people out there in need of proof of this I give you this:


Rose beer. They finally invented something called Rose beer. Specially for women.

Rational sense is now becoming completely being oppressed by blind rage. Slowly yet surely...


Wait for it...






Wait for it.........






Waaaaaaiiiiiit for it.......








You maniacs! You irresponsible sons of fornicating male prostitutes! Bags of hopelessly clogged flat worm pus!!! Leave the holy liquid alone! If women don't want to drink then let them drink their disgusting bacardi breezer out in a corner to die and rot all alone! Don't bother us with your rotgut, your vile brews, your skin peels and your goddamn rose beer. Goddamn rosebeer straight to hell and burn there forever! 




Damn, that felt good.



Rose beer sucks!!


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