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Russian folk

You don't know how to appreciate men until you've seen them drunk. That's my basic philosophy about the entire human race. I thoroughly dislike people who don't drink, because I believe they're afraid to lose that little bit of control they have over the meaningless lives and show what they really like when the brakes go off.

That's why I like the Russian people so much. Here you have a nation dedicated to the pursuit of alcohol in all its shapes and forms and they're being honest about it. They've taken to drinking shampoo for gods sake, how much more insane can they get?

Still, when I entered my favorite bar, got past the 7 euro entry fee and saw the Russian folk band La Minor playing I was tempted to get right back out. I didn't feel I was drunk enough for the occasion. After all, Russians are sure to be drinking like French monks and smashing the interior, possibly even trying to spread communism, right? Hey, I don't meet to many Russians! All I knew about them besides the drinking is cold war stuff! Glasnost, Perestroijka, Stalin, Lenin, Chruchev (thank god for English spelling for that last guy...).

Well, I was pleasantly surprised. Russian folk can sound like its as terrible as a Bulgarian guy scraping dead cat carcasses together but if its done by skilled musicians it becomes the ultimate dancing music. Yes, ultimate!

And don't take my word for it. I found the band I went to on YouTube. Now, remember to first drink a considerable amount of alcohol before watching. The challenge is to then prevent your body from moving to the tune. I bet you can't do it.


Russian folk rules!


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