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Salty sticks

I have discovered my second addiction. Its a salty covered demon that I find irresistible and comes in vast numbers for a reasonable price. Evil!

Essentially its just eatable doughy sticks, burned to a crisp covered with big chunks of salt. It goes by many names but I simply call them 'salty sticks'

I got addicted to them some years ago but only discovered I was actually addicted last week when a bag of them ended up in the waste disposal of the supermarket where I work. The packing got ripped, or some dog pied over it, I don't know. Anyway, there they were in all their salty goodness, tempting me.

I tried to resist but after only a short while (perhaps 12 seconds) I realized it was useless and I emptied the bag in under an hour in several runs. The picture above was taken after the 13th minute.

Yes, I was eating out of the trash. There was stuff in there with mould on it, stains of shampoo on bits of bread and stinking jars of rotting sausages and I was eating right from the bag of salty sticks in ground zero. I'm not proud of it but damn, they tasted good. It was worth it.


Salty sticks rule!



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