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The Simpsons movie

It took them 10 years to make it. At least, that's how long the domain 'simpsonsmovie.com' had been reserved before we actually heard a movie was being made. Most people started doubting the Simpsons would even exist beyond the year 2004.

But they did and now we have the movie. And beyond the movie comes the sucksornot.info review!

The first thing that I noticed was how short it actually is. In a modern world where big studios only want to produce epic 2,5 hour movies this one stands as a oasis of relief. It really is refreshing to watch a movie that doesn't cut so badly into your alcohol time of the evening.

It does contain some serious coolness too. The government deciding to lock off Springfield with a giant glass dome. Arnold Schwarzenegger being president, Homer utterly destroying most of the wildlife and mr Burns unleashing the hounds every scene he's in (a grand total of 2....).

It can't score to high on the Mi table though.. it simply doesn't contain enough violence for that. How can it? Its a comedy and a good one too. laughing is almost as good as being blown away by violence and action, right?

Anyway, lets see... scratch the giant insects, robots and battle scenes. Also nothing even remotely female goes on a nudity tour but that naked Bart scene did make me laugh... Guess half an MI would be somehow appropriate. It had a good script and I think the human race can be happy about this one. (If only for the depiction of over 2000 V-3 ospreys in one scene while the US airforce only has about 2 dozen)

Yes, good times. Now let us sit out the remainder of this summer and await the big winter blockbusters (They're working on a starship troopers 3."




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