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So, I went to the Rollercoaster capital of Europe the other day. Each time I go to a place like that I have to find a delicate balance between my total love of speed, loopings and corkscrews and my deeply rooted fear of heights. trust me when I say that that balance is indeed hard to find. Especially when you're confronted with this unholy contraption:

Its the tallest coaster in Holland with a top speed high enough to get passing insects lodged solid in your forehead and bends that make you question the very forces of gravity themselves. Its pure speed filled horror! It gives terror a new definition! It is complete senseless lunacy and I love it!

But despite my rampant enthusiasm for rollercoaster's the steel monsters were not my major source of entertainment this day. For there is only one thing that can turn even the most cynical man into a cackling lunatic locked in a battle with a 11 year old.

Water!! Despite the fact that the 'Splash battle' ride is intended for children there were more adults playing it then actual children. The concept is simple yet unbelievably effective. You ride a car and splash people with a gun. The people can splash back with their own guns mounted next to the track. The result is many hours of water filled madness and an utter desire to keep returning to it again and again. Gods, it felt like I was riding a Heroin ride or something. Never ever was a ride this freaking addictive as you can gather from this short conversation I had at some point:

"We still got one rollercoaster left to do."

"Who cares?? Water!!!"

Splashing people. The highest form of entertainment. Nothing can possibly top it. Not even if they built a rollercoaster that rivals the space shuttle in its speed or the alps in their height can they top a ride where you get to splash other people. Genius. I'll say it again. Genius!

And even if you don't speak Dutch you'll be able to garner exactly how much fun this game is. Genius!


The Splash battle rules!


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