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The Germans and their signs

When I visit Germany I always do 2 things. Eat Bratwurst and drink beer. Everything else that comes on my path on that day is fortunate but those 2 things are mandatory. Beer and Bratwurst.

Not that Germany is a country where nothing can be done except beer and wurst, mind you. To show you just how insane the Germans can be, we'll play a game.

Its called:

Guess what's not allowed on this amusement ride:

Round 1

The correct answer is of course that is not allowed to imitate Superman on this ride. Did you guess that?

Let's try again


Round 2


The correct answer: It is not allowed to have wild parties on this ride.

Lets give it another try shall we?

Round 3

Surely you guessed this one. It is not allowed to Heil Hitler on this ride. The Germans are still somewhat sensitive about that...


Round 4

And finally my personal favorite:

It is now allowed to beat each other senseless with baseball bats on this ride. Easy wasn't it?


Did you guess all of them? Congratulations! You are an expert on the German mind!

Brrrr. That sends shivers down the spine. Who wants to understand the Germans more closely?


Bonus pictures:

Apparently in Germany its possible to get soaking wet from drops of water that only mildly affect your sensitive electronical equipment. Those Germans have already learned how to break the laws of physics. How did they ever lose the war?


Spritzwasser rules!


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