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It was yet another weekend and I found myself unable to booze away the time as I usually do. Well, I wasn't quite unable but I relented under inner pressure to watch more House. I just got season 3 and I wasn't going anywhere until I knew how House would deal with Tritter. Little did I know the conclusion was 6 episodes away.....

Amazing things can happen when you watch 6 episodes of House in a row. First, you become incredibly cynical yourself. Second, for some reason I wanted to try Vicodin just to see what the big deal was. Third, I noticed my gigantic pile of Warhammer leftovers and wanted to see how much I actually had.

I soon regretted that train of thought. Let me introduce you to my friend, giant pile of plastic:

Now, I'm sure that all warhammer players have at least as much plastic leftover as I do but I seriously doubt that anyone can boast possession of

What the hell I could ever do with all this useless junk is beyond me but for some reason I feel the need to hang on to it all. Maybe that's my compulsive need for collecting stuff, or my deep psychological need for having lots of boxes hanging around, or its my need for impressing people with my mountains of stuff. Right.

Anyone else thought I used the word need a little to often there? Its not even that cool a word...

Finally, a little something that all warhammer players can relate to. What is the deal with all those damn Water Transfers?

Those damn little images you're supposed to stick to models with a brush and some water. Does anyone use these? Seriously? I've tried them a couple of times but they just annoy the living crap out of me. They never stick properly, they look like crap when they do and they shine like freaking marble plaques! Whowever invented these damn things should be strapped to a burning pig and released on the Games Workshop terrain. That would show them! Onwards for the anti-water transfers resistance front! Excelsior!

Ok, that's quite enough from me. Happy Christmas or something.


Water transfers suck!


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