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Stupid product design

From time to time I just run into some of the worlds worst ideas. These often include the naming of things, the spelling of things and the eating of things. Seriously, who would call their product 'Crofty' and still expect people NOT to use them as high power explosives and destroy telephone booths? That just naive...

What bothers me most is the packaging of some products I come across during work. Some of these things seem purposely designed to scare the shit of out of me!

Take a look at this prize example:

This man has either been photographed while being threatened with a gun or he is the creepiest German alive and you can imagine that that means going up against some pretty tough competition! Why would anyone put this picture on a bottle and produce a million of them? Does this man look like he enjoys that product? NO! He looks like he just washed his teeth with ammonia!

Here's another one:

Why on earth would we want to buy something that shows a frog scrubbing his own ass? Even kids aren't dumb enough to want to buy this monstrosity! And why in the name of all seven circles of hell do we want to 'collect' different pictures of the ass scrubbing frog? Why? Why???

It gets worse when packaging is designed to look like something truly threatening:

Its a burning rabbit from hell! It comes to attack our villages and devour our women and children! Run for the hills!

Ok, so maybe I'm pushing it a bit there, but its still not exactly a picture I'm longing to sea on a bottle of wine. What happened to the peaceful French village that used to adorn so many bottles?

But that isn't the worst picture. That 'honor' must fall to this one:

Even if you can't read the Dutch text this image must be pretty disturbing. At first glance it looked to me like they had finally invented a way to make candy have sex. Just look at those motions the candy make and the sounds they put in to set the flavor: 'Boink!'.

Yeah that sounds like sex all right. Those maniacs finally destroyed the last bastion of human innocence and are exposing the youth of today to full frontal sugared hardcore pornography. Perhaps its for the best, who am I to judge?

At any rate,


Stupid product design sucks!


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