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Acts of stupidity

There's only so much stupidity someone can tolerate before bursting out in mocking laughter. For me, that threshold is pretty low. For instance, I can easily mock people over spelling the word 'news' wrong and laugh until nobody thinks its funny anymore.

So I suppose it was good for my mood that the arch nemesis of fire extinguishers all over the world came by to ask me for a loan.

This is a money exchange between me (the chuckling one on the right) to someone who just told us he had no money for food or gas and water. I loaned him 10 euro's to buy a can of spray-paint so he could paint his miniatures.

Right, now at first glance that might not be as funny as I obviously think it is on that picture but think about it. Someone has no money for food or anything yet loans money to get spray paint.

Yeah, I thought it was hilarious too. In fact, I think this act of stupidity is worthy of a rating. How to rate acts of stupidity? Easy.


The Britney Spears rating of stupidity

Its pretty much the same deal as with the Michael Ironside rating, except that its not for movies and I'm way to lazy to write up a whole table of requirements for each one. This rating is pure on feel and instinct.

Lets take a look shall we?


Just one Britney isn't so bad. Maybe you forgot to tie your shoelaces, you said something stupid to your girlfriend or you fell head first into an icy lake. You know, the standard stuff. we commit an average of 3 to 5 of these each week. Think about it..

If someone hits an act of stupidity that you feel is worthy of two Britney's then its getting more serious. Its possible that that person has vomited all over a bar or at someone's home in his sister's room. Number two's are usually the limit of what society tolerates of a person before breaking out the torches and pitch forks.

Holy crap! Things are out of control now. If a number 3 is committed then someone has shaved off his hair and took drugs in order to sing better. Or for us normal people, it means we crashed a car into a tree, or into a bunch of people or we loaned money for ridiculous stuff that we don't really need, especially if you've yet to pay the bills for the month. Prepare for the collection agencies or run for the hills because the insurance companies will find you!!


Using this rating you can more efficiently tell people how stupid they are being and prepare accordingly. Yet another way in which I am improving your life. You can thank me when I see you.


Britney Spears sucks!  (hardly the topic but its true nonetheless)



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