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Yes, vacation was great. A whole week of doing nothing but play warhammer, read warhammer books and talk to people about warhammer. Oh, and drink beer. Lots of beer. It was great but like all things that are great they're not meant to last forever. It would get boring if it lasted forever and so now I'm back. Back to the daily routine of working, drinking beer and playing world of warcraft.

Perhaps life isn't so bad here after all.

In fact, its about to get a lot better. I was informed right before I went on vacation that there's a new Subway restaurant about to be opened in the town where I always go to play warhammer. Now, to most of us that may seem like nothing to spectacular. 'Just another choice for lunch', I hear you say.

You're wrong. Just as you're wrong about so many things you may not even be aware of. The Subway chain of restaurants are as close to holy ground to me as I'm likely to get. Subway can be considered my religion. I know of nothing else that invokes so much awe in me as the mere mention of the 'subway melt'. In fact, while writing this article my stomach started rumbling with an almost unbearable desire to eat a Subway sandwich. I am NOT exaggerating.

I'm not addicted to World of Warcraft. I'm not addicted to beer. I'm not addicted to drugs. I am however addicted to Subway sandwiches. If I don't get one at least every other week (at the BARE minimum) then my body starts failing and I fall into uncontrollable spasms. I am in deep, deep need of Subway sandwiches. They do that to a man?

Still think I'm exaggerating? Then take a look at this picture:

That is the face of a man who just had his first taste of Subway. Look at those intensely happy eyebrows. The intense happy eyes and the ears almost tingling with joy. (Its also the face of a man who managed to crash into an airport pillar almost head on but that's another story....)

Subway is my religion. No doubt about it. Its restaurants are churches, its staff are priests, its food is the holy stuff of other religions. If you do not believe it then you are either a sinner or you haven't tasted it yet. Either get an exorcism or go and taste your first Subway sandwich.

Let me finish with the holy prayer of Subway and send you on your way. To enlightenment!

Oh glorious Subway

We praise thee and thou tasty lunch meals.

May your tasty bread forever light our path in darkness

and may your selection of meats prevent us from straying from it.

May your endless choice of salad protect us from the evils of the world

and may your sanctified sauces bar our  way into the mouth of hell.

May we dwell in your light forever and not succumb to temptations

and may we steel our soul with your glorious refills of soda pop.



Subway rules!



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