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Sugar light sucks

This is what came up when I typed the words’ sugar light sucks’. I figured I could just skate through an article about sugar light thinking that surely some other, equally socially worried individual had already done the groundwork for me. I figured someone would already have dozens of reasons why sugar light is the work of the devil and why it must be stopped, smothered and thrown into the river before it has any chance to spread its wickedness. Surely, someone would voice concerns that sugar light is essentially aspartaan which causes cancer in the brain, liver and a series of other organs important to human life (except for the brain as nobody seems to use it anyway) I had deemed it obvious that some person with any last strip of moral fiber would without a shadow of a doubt give a voice to the people of the world who know for a fact that sugar light isn’t fucking light but still sugar in another form and that it is still as unhealthy and gut-creating as regular sugar only now we pay more for the damn stuff that we’re so stupid to buy anyway cause we’re a horribly primitive species of sheep like beings  who will follow any retarded health-hype that is trusted upon us?

I guess I was wrong.

But seriously.. 'Meet code pink’s sugar mommy' by Jodie Motherfreaking Evans? Did that have to be the number 1 hit when  I type sugar light sucks? You might as well drop an oil tanker on Portugal and call it a ‘unfortunate event’ cause that would make just about  as much sense. Goddamn you Google for not finding what I wanted straight away! Goddamn you for making me look harder when I actually have classes to prepare for! The Google number 1 hit for sugar light sucks has to change. For honesty! For conscience! For Frodo!!

And you’re gonna do it.

Sugar light sucks. That should be clear by now. By refreshing this page a bunch of times you will add the number of hits for sugar light sucks and hopefully, with the help of the several people who bother to read my rubbish website which I apparently now only update once a week if you’re lucky we will make sucksornot.info the number 1 hit for sugar light sucks.

No longer will the masses be fooled into believing that there is no danger from sugar light. The evil will be shown to the world. The carapace of obscurity will be lost forever. Victory will be ours. Say it loudly. Say it proudly:



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