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Irony comes in many flavours

Here's a juicy slab of irony for ya. Somehow, the universe saw fit to break me under relentless pressure and I bought world of warcraft. Yes, bought. Paid money for it and created my own account. I'm sharing it with my sister and so I'm only paying half the money all those other losers are paying, but still, I bought it.

At first it felt like I was buying my way straight to hell. After all, this was the game that had  wreaked havoc with the attendance record of my warhammer club and had driven many a man crazy to the point of not going out anymore, becoming pale zombie like characters with no real ties to the outside world. 

However, I had already realized that I was out of options. I had been trying to find my Warcraft III CD for way to long and I HAD to play something Warcraft related. I've been playing Warcraft games since I was 10 years old, starting with Warcraft: Orcs & Humans to Warcraft III: The frozen throne. Every one of them kicked enormous amounts of ass and I am kicking myself for lending my Warcraft III cd's to some asshole who hasn't given them back yet. I was slowly driving myself mad with not playing anything Warcraft related, especially after reading a couple of paperback books from Blizzard. I was pondering such questions as What happened to the night elves after the battle for mount Hiyal? How has the Alliance managed to stay intact? How did the Forsaken and the Horde ever become friendly? How are the dwarves and Gnomes fairing?  Why didn't Kil'Jaeden simply invade again after the death of Archimonde?

Yes, I am a colossal geek for wondering this and I couldn't help myself any longer. So here I am, yet another WoW player. Lets hope I can resist the temptations of this demon on my hard drive.



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