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I found my new nemesis. An enemy so insidious and evil it has the power to utterly strain your wrist and make your brain go round in circles.

The name of this devious new foe is 'taking notes at a teachers meeting' and I hate it more then I hate Big Brother or Dave Chappelle.

This Tuesday I finally couldn't avoid it anymore. The piercing gaze of the meeting leader was upon and his question was just to confronting to ignore.

"Perhaps you'd like to take notes?"

Now, keep in mind that it takes a pretty determined person to get past my well practiced look of complete distraction. I was busy drinking my cup a soup while pretending to write something in my agenda and so must have looked completely distant. Nevertheless, I was his chosen victim for the day and so I had no choice but to grab my pen and paper and prepared for the worst...

Taking notes at a busy meeting is akin to running an Olympic marathon. You have 3 people talking at any time and are expected to record all their ramblings for posterity. This is of course a complete impossibility and you're left with 2 hours of utter desperation and inner screams of pain. Your writing hand is moving constantly, your notes get increasingly indecipherable (and my hand writing is pretty bad to begin with) and you know that you're not getting everything down in time.

If that wasn't bad enough, some teachers make it an actual sport to make things as hard as possible for the guy taking notes. The speed with which they talk is simply incredible. You wonder if they got an extra set of jaws with which they force out those long sentences.

To top it off, the meeting leader sometimes gives you a look to say 'are you getting all that?' and then doesn't even await some sort of reply and looks away again. Good going with the pressure!

All in all, it was even worse then a normal meeting and now I'm left with homework too. I have to type over 6 pages of badly written notes. Oi. Screw it, I'm gonna procrastinate on this as long as possible.

At least there was cake....


Taking notes at meetings sucks!


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