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Holy crap. Has it really been 8 days since I typed something here? How time flies when you're in anticipation of your new job....

I started working as a teacher recently after a week of receiving nothing but condolences for my chosen profession. I knew that being a teacher isn't exactly a respected profession anymore but damn, I wasn't counting on all the pity I would get.

Here's a selection of what I heard over the last days prior to my first school day:

"You're gonna teach history? Tough man.. I hope you live."

"Jeesh, I guess someone has to do it."

"Wow, you're a brave man."

"History? Bwahahahahaha!!"

"That sucks man. You should become a courier instead. You got a car right?"

"I heard students these days are assholes from the age of 10."

"I remember I tried to teach.. Almost lost my sanity."



Right, I get it. Everyone thinks teaching is a bad job. Well let me tell you this, I'm gonna enjoy it as much as I enjoyed my education, probably get drunk half the time doing it and enjoying my super bad ass classroom I was given:

Its got MAPS! Over 20 of them to choose from with rails to conveniently slide them in front of the class. I never had maps in my classroom before! Or a TV for that matter. And the teacher's lounge has got beer in its fridge so all is well.

I'll be settling in my new job over the coming days so my low rate of articles may continue. deal with it


Teaching rules!


PS: I'm assuming that everyone who reads this site knows me personally as I don't advertise this place at all. Barbecue at my place this saturday. Come celebrate the fact that I'm older then you!


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