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Thank you for smoking


And now a review of ‘ thank you for smoking’. A movie that’s supposed to be a critical look at lobbyism in America but is completely dominated by Aaron Eckhart’s awesomeness. Yes, you know him. He was two face in The dark knight.

 Right from the start this practically non violent movie manages to be awesome if only because of the role reversal we see. Instead of following the anti smoking people we get the viewpoint from Nick Naylor, a spokesperson for the research facility for tobacco. The bad guys. The people who wanted you to smoke so they could make money. In the first scene he faces off against a group of fanatic anti-smoke experts and a cancer kid who he duly destroys with his verbal wit. He ends up shaking hands with the cancer kid while laughing at the doctor who tried to say smoking was bad. Awesome.

 The rest of the film is about Naylor trying to teach his son what he does for a living and why its not cut out for everybody. “ You need a certain moral flexibility for my job”. But by far the best part are his meetings with the so-called MOD squad or merchants Of Death. Once a week the representatives of all the evil things that kill people meet and talk about who’s employer produces the most casualties. Smoking versus alcohol versus fat food versus oil drillers and so on. These meetings are almost eerily awesome.

 Aaron Eckhart is simply perfect in this film. He’s perfectly believable, likeable and still quit clearly the anti-hero. He promotes smoking and we’ve all been taught that’s bad. But we still like him and we still want him to win in his debates against the ‘evil’ senator who is against smoking. That bastard!

 A very good movie which can’t score high on the Mi table. But sometimes, that’s just not meaningful at all.



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