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Top gear helped me through the evening

I had to cancel a boozing party last week because of early morning social obligations. It hurt. Its not all to often that you get an invitation to come and get drunk and puke all over someone's bedroom (I made the last part up but with the person in question it seems appropriate as that's exactly what he did when he was at my place recently)

Anyway I was forced to remain at home for the entire evening and was expected to turn in early. What the hell can you do all alone in a house with endless supplies of beer (not kidding( and lots of stuff to watch on google video? Yeah that's right, you spend a night with your non breathing alcoholic buddies.

I decided the most efficient way to get through this night of loneliness was to watch a whole lot of Top gear, the one car program you can watch even you're not into cars.

I absolutely love Top gear. I love the unmistakable fun the hosts are having, I love the sheer insanity of the items and I love the level of destruction in it. It truly is one of television's finest moments that this show has been allowed to exist for 10 seasons and is still going strong.

So there I was, watching Top gear from 6 till 2 at night, completely forgetting I was supposed to get up early, completely forgetting that alcohol always makes it that much harder to even get up at all, but I couldn't help myself. Episode after episode were devoured by my eyes, hungry for more.

Could it have gotten any more pathetic? Sitting alone in a dark room drinking beer and watching top gear? probably not. Could it have been any more manly? Probably not either. At any rate, I discovered that you don't need other people to have fun while drinking for as long as Top gear exists you can drink and pretend you're driving down a highway of laughs.

The highlight of the evening came with a more recent episode when a particularly ugly car was send into orbit. Well, some distance towards orbit anyway. I honestly can't remember ever laughing so hard and can't imagine myself ever laughing so hard again. Brilliant true English comedy.

But alas, all good things come to an end and eventually I had to concede that time was not longer in my favor and I turned in. Tired, drunk but satisfied. It had been a good night. thank you beer and Top gear.


Top gear rules!


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