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In about two months, Transformers will hit the big screen.

I feel very strongly about this film. I was a big fan of the 80's cartoon and I even liked its later spin-off, Beastwars as it continued the original storyline very nicely. Any later cartoons or attempts at remakes are a complete waste of time. Stick to the classics!

However, now a film will come. A film made by Michael bay. The moron who brought us epic classics of bullshit like 'Pearl harbor' or 'the Island'.

Therefore, I am holding my breath in fear. This movie cannot disappoint. It must not disappoint. I would lose faith in all of humanity of this film disappoints.

Let me phrase that more strongly. Something in my direct vicinity WILL burn should Transformers disappoint. That's a promise.



Please don't make Transformers disappointing....



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