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I anticipated this damn movie for 6 months. I speculated over it, considered it, talked about it, obsessed about it, went to therapy over it and when the time finally came I brought a full jerry can of gasoline to set fire to the theatre in case it disappointed. I went with one of the biggest movie knowers I know and we both agreed that we would become utterly violent should it disappoint.

So how was it?

Ok, bear with me. It has taken me 5 minutes to come up with this next sentence...ohmygoditwasthebestmovieofalltimemichaelbayisn'tthebiggestassholeinmoviehistoryanymorehurrahhurrahthankgodforthatandithinkihavepopcornstuckinmythroat

Yes , that kind of covers my raving enthusiasm for this movie. From the very beginning with that awesome speech Optimus Prime gives (you instantly recognize him from the old cartoon) to the first battle where a lone Decepticon utterly devastates a US army base you immediately know that you're watching a great cool movie, possibly containing the very pinnacle of coolness in this century.

I exaggerate not. This movie has some of the very greatest battle scenes I've seen in a movie. Autobots duking it out against decepticons on the streets of a city, Starscream fighting in the air against 8 human fighter jets, A squad of special forces in battle with Scorponok and unlike what you might think from the picture above, they survive and go on to kill another decepticon in the final battle. Jezus nutcracker Christ, this movie rocks.

So the cast isn't very well known, except for a Jon Voight and John Turturro. That latter you should recognise when I say '8 year olds, dude' and if you don't, you suck.

Ok lets see, we have a giant robot who is also a giant Insect, a straightforward plot, some almighty great action, Megatron, Optimus Prime and a hell of a lot military hardware on screen. Not everyone may see that as being great cinema but I do. Its cool and it makes for a awesomely spend 2 hours. What more do we need? 5 MI's for this masterpiece of coolness.

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