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Thursday, July 19th I'm taking a vacation. Not that I particularly needed one, seeing as I spend a lot of time doing nothing this past half year but its nice anyway to be out of the country for a week.

I was informed that Filezilla, the program I use to upload my pages has a function to automatically upload pages on a steady rate which means I would only have to set a few ages on hold and it will automatically update periodically.

I haven't figured that out yet though. What I did figure out is that I still hate computers and they hate me and my relation with them became cold indeed. Vile, evil things that they are.

So, instead of periodically updating I'm gonna place a few articles with the dates fudged so you can PRETEND its an update. Just don't read it until the day it 'comes out'.

Brilliant isn't it? Yes, I know.



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