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The doomsdag clock has gone to 5 minutes till DOOM!


A dude with a changing mask investigates the murder of another dude who had a smiley for a logo.


Latex chick!


Blue man with super powers.


These are just some of the things that make watchmen so confusing to watch and yet so marvelously awesome. Weíre dealing with the Cadillac of comic book movies here, the top of the food chain. I dare doubt we will ever see anything like this again. It rivals, dare I say, the dark knight in its sheer awesomeness.

What makes watchmen such a pleasure to watch must be its complexity and the fact that you get the eerie feeling of how it all seems to make sense. Sure, there are many super heroes and why not? They seem to do a good job. Sure, there is a gigantic blue man playing God and popping Vietnamese soldiers like ripe cherries. Hasnít he always been there? Didnít we won the Vietnam war?

 On top of the richness of the alternate universe we get the brilliance of its characters. The Comedian, Rorschach, Night Owl. Theyíre all real human beings complete with flaws, doubts and errors. They do the best they can and if that occasionally means they have to punch innocent people or shoot a pregnant Vietnamese lady, so be it. Shit happens.

 The highlight if the movie, whether you want it or not is a bit more disturbing though. After a whole week I still couldnít shake the image out of my head and by now you know what Iím talking about if youíve seen it. Yes, the image of the gigantic blueÖ. Thing that was dangling in every single shot.

 And now, because Iíve run out of things to say and Iím feeling particularly witty to begin with this week, pictures!

In all honesty, this isn't nearly as disturbing as imagining him without his giant metal shorts in Vietnam.

Yeah, you go beat that prisoner good, Owl man! Even though he's already in jail and seems to be mortally terrified of you he probably deserved it!

So, after we're done beating people who are already in jail, wanna grab a movie or something?

Oh God, this really hurts!! You guys, I better get super powers out of this or I'm gonna be really pissed off!!


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