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Which is better?

It is time for an unbiased comparison. What is, in fact, more fun to listen to? The sound of a giant supermarket dairy fridge, or a song by the pussycat dolls?

Mankind has often wondered this question over the past months and now we bring you the answer. Let there be no more doubts, no more uncertainty.

This will be a point to point comparison, based on appearance, sound and the omni-present annoyance factor. 

Now, without further ado, lets get on with it!




The pussycat dolls

1. Look like they came straight from street corners, and that's after the photo shopping. Apparently, the slutty look is in, but the heinously chosen colors of their outfits tend to throw me into fits of epilepsy. 

2. Sound like grinding of broken glass. None of them have any singing talents or they hide it extremely well. All songs are on the same level of scrappiness and I never even bothered to remember the lyrics. Everyone who has been to a live concert will confirm that they sound even worse when singing live. Can't imagine the horror...

3. The annoyance factor is there, oh yes my friends. Even the intended sexiness of their act is completely blotted out by their continues arrogance and irritation. They're so obviously slutty that it takes the fun out of it. And yet, they do something right as their records sell. I can only imagine this is because of the 10 year old girls who listen to it and dirty old men who start using their Swedish penis pumps as soon as one of their video clips comes by. The mere thought sickens me. Ughh....


Giant supermarket dairy fridge

1. Its round shapes and soothing grey and yellow colors make it pretty nice to look at. It doesn't hurt the eyes and its functional form gives it a ruggedness we don't see often in objects. The designers did a great job on this!

2. A low key continuous hum is all the sound this machine makes and its actually pretty relaxing to listen too. It is not intrusive on the ears at all and it emits a sense of working spirit. This machine works day and night, every day of the week, making that sound and it makes you feel good.

3. How could anyone be annoyed by this machine? It does its job extremely well, it emits nothing but a slight chill and a relaxing low key hum and it doesn't hurt the eyes. Its perfect in every way.


Right, so the unbiased comparison proves it. We're better of putting a giant supermarket Dairy fridge on a stage and listen to that for 2 hours then listening to the Pussycat dolls. Please don't make any more songs. I don't think my mental health could take anymore....


The pussycat dolls suck!


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